Phrase On TXT Taehyun’s Shirt Causes Laughter From Its Accuracy

Taehyun would approve 😂

TXT‘s Taehyun often entertains with his witty comebacks and wise words. This time, a phrase on one of his shirts has gained attention for how accurate it was in reference to the idol.


In the group’s preview for their 2022 season’s greetings, Taehyun was decked out in safari wear, looking the part of a tour guide. Although the moment was brief, what caught fans’ attention was a patch on his shirt.

When taking a closer look at it, the patch read, “A little guy with a giant big heart.” The phrase instantly became a humorous moment for thousands of fans.


Since Taehyun is the shortest member of a group with such tall members as Soobin and Hueningkai, he’s always poked fun at his height and shown how confident he is in himself regardless.

| @day6_kisstheradio/Instagram

Seeing how well the phrase matched Taehyun was too funny to be a coincidence. In fact, Taehyun would probably approve.

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