Where Do You Know “Physical: 100” Contestant Jo Jin Hyeong From? The Car Dealer Has Been On Netflix Before

He may be a car dealer, but he has also acted.

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Netflix‘s latest Korean reality show, Physical: 100, has taken the world by storm, capturing the attention of everyone enjoying the brutal competitions,  seeking motivation for the gym, and those simply watching for the eye candy.

Although the show started with 100 contestants, the head-to-head competitions have depleted them rapidly, with only 30 contestants remaining after the last aired episode, episode six.

Poster for Physical 100 | Netflix

Since Physical: 100 eliminates contestants so quickly, viewers continually find new favorite contestants as they see more of the remaining cast.

One contestant receiving progressively more screen time is Jo Jin Hyeong, who was even selected by his fellow contestants as a team captain for the second and third challenges.

Contestant Jo Jin Hyeong | Netflix

Jo Jin Hyeong first impressed his fellow competitors with his large physique before proving his abilities by winning his one-on-one “death match.”

But although Jo Jin Hyeong was introduced on Physical: 100 as a car dealer, K-Drama fans have likely seen him before.

Aside from working as a car dealer, Jo Jin Hyeong won TvnD‘s Strongman in 2019.

And he also made an appearance in the K-Drama Welcome to Waikiki Season 2.

Welcome to Waikiki 2 poster | Netflix

In Welcome to Waikiki 2, Jo Jin Hyeong played the role of the vacation home guest owner’s son.

Jo Jin Hyeong acting | @ksh05082/Twitter 

Jo Jin Hyeong’s brief role in the K-Drama perfectly aligns with his tough image, complete with even boxing gloves.

| @ksh05082/Twitter 

You can check out Jo Jin Hyeong’s acting here.

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