Netizens Respond To “Physical: 100” Runner-Up Jung Hae Min’s Confession That He Lost Because Of An Unaired Rematch

“Jung Hae Min is the true winner in my eyes.”

Netflix‘s popular reality show Physical: 100 crowned CrossFit athlete Woo Jin Yong as the winner after a strenuous rope-pulling match against track cyclist Jung Hae Min. When Jung Hae Min revealed a behind-the-scenes story about the final match, netizens became furious.

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Recently in an interview, Jung Hae Min revealed his side of the story during the final rope-pulling match. He shared that once the game started, he was in the lead—having pulled at least three times more rope than Woo Jin Yong—when suddenly, Woo Jin Yong stopped the game in the middle to complain that the spools were too squeaky. The producers then greased the spools and even lowered the difficulty level by reducing the rope tension because of Woo Jin Yong’s complaints.

Woo Jin Yong (left) and Jung Hae Min (right) | Netflix

Then the game resumed and Jung Hae Min was so close to winning, when suddenly the producers stopped the game, claiming there were “audio issues and asked Jung Hae Min if he would allow a rematch in a new location.

They asked to move to a different location first, but I had a strong feeling that I should not leave the spot. But then, as I was resting a bit while they kept asking to move locations, saying, “There’s a problem with the audio so we can’t use the video footage for the show. As long as you’re okay with [a rematch], we will shorten your rope and start again.” They said that Woo Jin Yong accepted this term. I kept saying no, but the situation dragged on and wouldn’t stop until I said okay.

— Jung Hae Min

Jung Hae Min | Netflix

Jung Hae Min did not want to relocate or do a rematch, but felt like he had no other option, so he reluctantly agreed. Even though the producers promised to cut off the amount of rope he had pulled in the original round, it didn’t seem like they did. Jung Hae Min even asked the producers to put in the clips of the rematch in the episode to explain why he ran out of strength so quickly, which they said they would—only to change their minds last minute and not include any of those clips in the final episode.

Jung Hae Min | Netflix

The suspicions online claimed that the equipment was faulty. I don’t know if that was the case or if I had no strength left, but the rope wouldn’t budge. I lost.

— Jung Hae Min

In response to Jung Hae Min’s confession, netizens were outraged and they had a lot to say about it. People left comments on many different platforms—even the two athlete’s Instagram accounts—to express how they feel about this issue.

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  • “This is unfair. How are they doing whatever they want with such a lack of objectivity in this day and age? They said they gave Jung Hae Min a chance to decide but they made a situation where there clearly was no choice. This is some Lee Jae Myung-like behavior. Are the organizers hypocrites to their own country?”
  • “How can you make them play such a hard game then stop it in the middle? They needed to thoroughly check their audio beforehand and they need to film the game in real-time once it’s starts, that’s what makes it real~ Do we stop baseball or soccer games in the middle? No wonder there’s so much talk”
  • “They should’ve put a subtitle in the episode saying that this is all for show.”

Some netizens were suspicious and knew that something felt off when Woo Jin Yong won the rope-pulling match; they saw that Jung Hae Min was clearly doing well when suddenly he couldn’t pull at all.

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Netizens voiced their support for Jung Hae Min, many telling him that they see him as the true winner of Physical: 100.

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  • “Jung Hae Min, hwaiting!! It must’ve been so difficult not addressing this and holding it all in. I hope you can get some good rest now and I’ll always remember that Jung Hae Min is the winner!”
  • “I knew it was weird that there was a sudden turnaround during the show, but it makes sense now. Cheer up, Jung Hae Min. The network is the problem.”
  • “You are the winner in my eyes”
  • “You’re not just the first place winner in my heart, but you are Physical: 100’s first place winner!👏👏👏”
  • “You are a true athlete🔥 You kept your sportsmanship til the end and I respect you for that! The true winner is Jung Hae Min! I’m rooting for you!”
  • “You are the true winner! F*ck I’m so pissed”
  • “Are you a monk? Why did you fight this battle all on your own…?”
  • “If this is all true, then you are the true winner.. I knew that you would win ever since I saw you defeat Yoon Sung Bin. I’m glad the truth has been exposed now..ㅠ”
  • “YOU DESERVED THAT WIN!! shame on the network for being dishonest!!”
  • “I thought you were number one in my heart… but you were really number one…”

Woo Jin Yong | Netflix

On the other hand, netizens expressed their anger at Woo Jin Yong and the producers. They voiced their disappointment and demanded an explanation and an apology.

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  • “This ain’t it… If something like this happened in the final match, it would’ve been great if you said something to defend Jung Hae Min. Now it’s uncomfortable for both the winner and loser”
  • “Uh, I’m sorry but when you’re running a race, who do you think has lost more energy between someone who ran 90m and someone who ran 30m in the same amount of time? And three times at that…ㅠㅠ Think about it… And does it make sense that the game restarted ‘acknowledging the starting point from before’ after being stopped due to the equipment issues?”
  • “Is it true that you did the final match 3 times?”
  • “If you’re the true winner, I believe it is your duty to willingly give a proper explanation about this issue.”
  • “Apologize with the producers!!!!!!!!”
  • “If you are a human being with any dignity, give Jung Hae Min the 300 million KRW and write an apology. The strongest body, my ass lol”
  • “Woo Jin Yong, I think the best solution is for you to address this issue as soon as possible before you lose all public sentiment, and give up the prize money.”
  • “How are you any different from the producers? As a fellow athlete, I can’t find any sportsmanship in you… The fact that you posted this on your feed as if you’re proud of yourself is shocking”
  • “You need to give at least 50 percent of what you won. You were losing then complained of mechanical failure regarding your rope? That’s wrong. You played three times to win.”

What do you think?

Woo Jin Yong (left) and Jung Hae Min (right) | Netflix

Source: Ilyo, @haegulland/Instagram, @jdsbx/Instagram, The JoongAng and Koreaboo/Facebook

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