Woo Jin Yong Might Not Be The “True Winner” Of “Physical 100” — Finalist Jung Hae Min Tells All

The game was allegedly manipulated.

Netflix‘s first physical survival match, Physical: 100, was a smash hit that topped their viewership charts. The season concluded with Woo Jin Yong being announced the winner.

The final match had him and contestant Jung Hae Min unravelling heavy ropes from spools. Later on, a media report exclusive claimed that the last game had been tampered with. While Woo Jin Yong provided no comment, Netflix denied that there were no technical issues with the equipment, insinuating a fair match.

We have confirmed with the production team at MBC that there were no technical issues with either of the game equipment. We would also like to confirm that Jung Hae Min did not request a rematch.

— Netflix

Finalist Woo Jin Yong | @jdsbx/Instagram

More investigations claimed that the last game was played in three rounds and not one, like the show led viewers to believe. The first round ended early when Woo Jin Yong complained of the spools being too squeaky. Jung Hae Min had been in the lead, but the game was stopped for the production team to oil the equipment. The second round ended with Jung Hae Min’s victory, but the production team cited “audio issues” and asked for a rematch. Reports claim that the team pressured Jung Hae Min into agreeing. Ultimately, Woo Jin Yong won. You can read more about the initial claims below.

Was The “Physical: 100” Finale Manipulated? Netflix And MBC Respond To Exclusive Exposé Detailing What Happened During The Last Game

On February 28, 2023, Jung Hae Min finally opened up. He received an interview from Ilyo to talk about the truth from his point of view. When asked about why he initially refused to give statements to the press, he simply had felt that it was his burden to bear.

I was going to accept everything. I even felt physically in pain when I heard about how the other cycling athletes were being criticized online because I had lost. However, due to the global attention that Physical: 100 received, even though I felt that things were a little unfair, I thought that if I had kept quiet, then the other participants would not be affected. But then, after I saw that the suspicions were being raised, I gained courage. Finally, when I saw how the production team had stated on February 26 that there was no rematch at the final game, I began to think about if I should talk about my POV. Then, on the morning of the 28th, I saw a post that the PD for Physical: 100 had posted. “I will protect the past year that we sweated buckets and sacrificed our entire body for. Even if lies can become famous, ultimately, they cannot become the truth.” That was when I made my decision. I wanted to talk about what is the truth and what is a lie, from my POV.

— Jung Hae Min

When pressed to speak on the happenings, Jung Hae Min gave his account on the matter.

On August 2022, the top 5 played a total of 4 games in a day as part of the finals, where one person would be dropped in each game. The last game between the myself and the winner was pulling of ropes. As the match started, there was a huge gap in the [performance]. The hyungs who were watching the game through the monitoring screen had said that our speeds were differing about 3 times more than the other. Woo Jin Yong lifted his hand up as we passed the halfway mark. The match stopped and he claimed to the production team that “the [spool] was making too much noise.” And so the production team stepped came over. They said there was no problem with the equipment after checking. Since there was no issue, the match should resume. But as Woo Jin Yong protested, the production team lowered the difficulty level for the game and made it easy. Since he said it was making a lot of noise, they even added lubricant and oiled the machines. The match restarted, and I saw that I would finish soon. When I thought to myself, “this is the end,” the production team called to stop the match again, but I kept pulling on the rope first to end the match. That was when the production team came over and yelled at me to stop the match.

They asked to move to a different location first. But I had a strong feeling that I should not leave the spot. But then, as I was resting a bit while they kept asking to move locations, they said, “there’s a problem with the audio so we can’t use the video footage for the show. As long as you’re okay with [a rematch], we will shorten your rope and start again.” They said that Woo Jin Yong would also accept this term. I kept saying no, but the situation that would only stop if I said okay, kept dragging on. The production team, and those cheering me on were waiting, and they were looking at me. I kept repeating that I’ve used up all my strength and can’t do it again. The production team said it was okay to rest a little or do it the next day. They said they would do everything I asked for. But I couldn’t bear to ask to rematch the next day, and have a few hundred people come back for me. In the end, I said okay to the rematch.

As the rematch was decided on, the production team told me to come back after eating. I had no appetite so I just went to the waiting room, and the people who were watching told me that there was almost no rope left and congratulated me on the win. I replied that things were still in the air, and I was very dejected on my own. Back then, I felt a sort of pressure that the rematch could not be helped, even if I had continued to say no. My head was filled with the thought – “am I not allowed to win this?” We re-entered the arena and the rope was wrapped around the spool once more like before. They told me that they would cut the rope as much as I had been in the lead, but I don’t know if they did. The suspicions online claimed that the equipment was faulty. I don’t know if that was the case or if I had no strength left, but the rope wouldn’t budge. I lost.

— Jung Hae Min

He also explained that he requested the production team to leave the footage of the original and rematches in, for viewers to note why he was losing energy. Despite this, the production team cut him off and did not allow it.

I had told the production team, “I hope that you air the scenes on why I had lost, and why I was low on energy, just like a real reality show should.” They had claimed to be willing to listen to whatever I asked back before the rematch, but now the production team suddenly did a 180 and messaged me that contestants cannot be concerned in the editing of the show. I suddenly felt that I had chosen wrongly when I agreed to the rematch. I kept thinking about that situation back then and it took a toll on me mentally. Especially after the show aired and the finals broadcast approached, I kept thinking about it, much like a trauma.

— Jung Hae Min

Ever the better man, Jung Hae Min finally explained that he didn’t need the first place title or the money. Rather than hate someone, he simply wanted to stay true to his nature as an athlete and fight for the truth.

He ended with hopes that no one, including Woo Jin Yong, would be attacked based on his confession.

Source: Ilyo

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