Was The “Physical: 100” Finale Manipulated? Netflix And MBC Respond To Exclusive Exposé Detailing What Happened During The Last Game

The exclusive report alleged that contestant Jung Hae Min was supposed to win.

In an exclusive report, Korean press Ilyo Shinmun alleged that the final episode of Physical: 100 was manipulated—and, therefore, the finalist Woo Jin Yong is not the actual winner of the show.

Finalist Woo Jin Yong | @jdsbx/Instagram

According to the report, some viewers questioned the “fairness” of the last game of ropes following the show’s finale. In fact, as of February 23 (KST), another Korean press Wikitree reported on the speculations surrounding the final round. Wikitree reported that Physical: 100 viewers took to online communities to discuss how the contestant Woo Jin Yong’s rope seemed much easier to undo…

…than contestant Jung Hae Min‘s.

Ilyo Shinmun reported that, in its investigation of the speculations, it reached out to Woo Jin Yong but could not hear his thoughts on the matter other than a simple “No comment.” The report did include Netflix‘s response—defending the production team at MBC.

We have confirmed with the production team at MBC that there were no technical issues with either of the game equipment. We would also like to confirm that Jung Hae Min did not request a rematch.

— Netflix

Then, however, the exclusive report went on to unveil a whole new allegation: The final game was played in not one but three rounds.

According to Ilyo Shinmun’s investigation—based on the information gathered from production staff and cast, Jung Hae Min was leading the final round of the game when the two first began pulling on the ropes. Then, Woo Jin Yong reportedly stopped the game half way and complained that there was a technical issue with his game equipment. And so, the first round” was over.

| Netflix

The report stated, “The production team checked the game equipment and confirmed there was nothing wrong.” Woo Jin Yong, however, is said to have insisted that his equipment “squeaked too much.” The report further explained that when Jung Hae Min, too, commented that “It is possible for the equipment to squeak at first,” the production team decided to lubricate both equipment. It was at this point, according to Ilyo Shinmun, that the production team also made small changes to the difficulty level in hopes of facilitating the game for both contestants.

The second round ended with Jung Hae Min’s victory. Unfortunately, the exclusive report continued, the production team requested a rematch citing “audio issues” in the recording. An insider “Associate A” told Ilyo Shinmun that “about five production team staff members surrounded Jung Hae Min to convince and coerce him into agreeing to a rematch.” Associate A added that the production team even tried to persuade Jung Hae Min by “suggesting to cut down the length of his rope a bit” as compensation for the rematch.

Finalist Jung Hae Min on his “Physical: 100” poster. | Netflix

Jung Hae Min is said to have told the production team that he was “out of strength” after pouring all of his effort into the first two rounds. Eventually, though, Jung Hae Min gave in and agreed to a third round, which he ultimately lost.

Ilyo Shinmun reported that the clip of Jung Hae Min’s rope being stubborn came from this third round. | Netflix

Another anonymous “Associate B,” who was also present on the set, told Ilyo Shinmun that “Jung Hae Min is deeply discouraged by what has happened on the show.” When Ilyo Shinmun reached out to Jung Hae Min via direct messaging, the contestant did not respond.

I believe Jung Hae Min not associating himself with Physical: 100 in any way following the show has to do with what happened on set.

— Associate B

The exclusive report clarified that other eliminated contestants could not have known all the details about the manipulation because those who attended the shoot for the show’s finale were watching from another room.

Finalist Woo Jin Yong after winning the (alleged third) round. | @jdsbx/Instagram

Associate A did mention, though, that once made aware of what happened, the contestants questioned “why Jung Hae Min agreed to the rematch instead of making an official complaint right away.”

Even if the production team blamed the audio issue, Jung Hae Min should not have agreed to a rematch. It’s not like the athletes can get a rematch at the Olympics because the broadcasting companies had issues with the audio.

— Physical: 100 Contestant’s Comment via Associate A

To the allegations, MBC claimed that it is “not true that the final game was played three times.” The production team warned potential legal action against the rumors being spread like wildfire on the internet.

| Netflix

We have checked again and we can confirm that it is not true that the final game was played three times. The production team is currently discussing taking legal action against groundless rumors being spread online.


Watch the final game of Physical: 100 here.

Source: Ilyo Shinmun, Wikitree and Insight

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