5 Reasons Why Woo Jin Yong Of Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Fully Deserved To Win #1 Out Of 100 Contestants

He didn’t even have to do #4.

Netflix‘s hit survival program Physical: 100 tested the limits of one hundred of the fittest people in Korea. Last Tuesday, after multiple elimination rounds, a winner was finally declared—CrossFitter Woo Jin Yong!

The athlete wasn’t one of the more popular contestants on the show, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t deserving of his title. In no particular order, here are five reasons why Woo Jin Yong fully deserved to be the winner.

1. He let Kim Min Cheol do the game he wanted most…and still won in his own game.

Mountain rescuer Kim Min Cheol and Woo Jin Yong both wanted to do the climbing game since they were both confident in it. However, the latter ultimately conceded to the former because it would have been “a waste” if a climber didn’t do it.

Amazingly, he still managed to win in his second-choice game! An all-rounder, indeed.

2. He played “The Square Flip” game twice.

Here, the four remaining players were tasked with flipping the square boards on the floor. Team Park Jin Yong-Jung Hae Min won against Team Woo Jin Yong-Jo Jin Hyeong. Without much time to rest, Jin Yong and Jin Hyeong battled it out in the same game.

The strongman didn’t go down without a fight, but the CrossFitter ended up winning by a large margin.

3. He was the steadiest in “The Triangle Shuttle Run.”

Even after playing two rounds of “The Square Flip,” Woo Jin Yong was clearly the strongest contestant in the succeeding game, “The Triangle Shuttle Run,” where the Top 3 had to run from one end to another before the beep sounded.

4. He cheered Jung Hae Min on despite what the latter did to him.

In the final match between Jung Hae Min and Woo Jin Yong, the ex-contestants once cheered for them while they were playing the hellish “Infinite Rope-Pulling Game.” Upon hearing that, Woo Jin Yong didn’t hesitate to cheer for Jung Hae Min, his last remaining opponent.

Not only is this remarkable because Hae Min was his direct competitor for 300M KRW but also because in the previous tile flip game, Hae Min chose him to be his teammate then changed his mind…

…and even stepped on the tiles he wanted to flip, hindering his movements. Despite all that, he didn’t have any bad blood for the cyclist. His sportsmanship can’t be denied!

5. He showed just how powerful his tenacity is.

Last but not the least, he showed just how incredible his tenacity is in “The Infinite Rope-Pulling Game.” Even when he could no longer feel his arms, he continued pulling out of sheer willpower. He left many viewers speechless when he pulled like he was in a trance. It’s something few people could have done.

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