Physiognomist Predicts X1’s Kim Yohan Will Be a Ladies’ Man with No Lady of His Own

The physiognomist shared both good and bad news regarding Kim Yohan’s lips.

A professional physiognomist recently shared her expertise on the visuals of various idols on TMI News, and her prediction of X1 Kim Yohan‘s future with women drew particular attention.

After taking a good look at Kim Yohan’s features, the physiognomist shared, “Kim Yohan has the facial features needed to succeed in variety, broadcasting, and performing as an idol.

She continued, “He has eyes that droop down on the sides. These are the eyes that draw in a lot of interest and popularity.

The physiognomist also added that his thick lips mean he will be very loved, but that the one downfall of his lips is the fact that from his side profile, his upper lip sticks out more.

She explained, “His face predicts that he will be a ladies’ man, but he won’t have a lady of his own.

Check out the full observation below:


Source: Dispatch