Picture Resurfaces Of BTS Jin Receiving King-Sized Condoms From An International Fan

“It will be the most memorable fan gift ever!”

An old photo of BTS’ Jin receiving a king-sized condom has resurfaced. The picture was taken shortly after the boys finished their promotion for “Hormone War”. A fan noticed the condom in the background of a picture that Jin posted and immediately posted it online pointing out the controversial item.


Fans first argued that it was a chocolate with golden wrappers.


But a closer look showed that it was certainly “King Size” condoms.


In 2014, the picture was such a big deal that Big Hit Entertainment had to make an official statement that the condom was a present from a fan!


While fans in 2014, were horrified by the gift and were concerned about the members, netizens in 2018 are taking a different approach to the whole situation.


Some netizens are reacting to fellow internet users’ older reactions. They want to know why people perceived there to be anything wrong with the photo.

  • “I do not think condoms are shameful.”
  • “What about condoms? Of course, adults will use them!”
  • “I also have a condom at home, is that wrong?”
  • “But teenagers can buy them too…”
  • “I do not think condoms are bad.”


But a lot of netizens, just keep laughing at this memorable gift.

  • “It will be the most memorable fan gift ever.”
  • “LOL! The brand name is so funny!”
  • “This was a great joke!”
  • “LOL, that’s a condom!”


Source: Pann Nate