These Pictures Of BTS’s Huge Success With Their Concert In Japan Are Simply Mind-Blowing

Imagine being there in the audience!

BTS are now world class, stadium-touring tier artists. Wherever they go, they are likely to sell out tickets and gather tens of thousands of people in the audience. Thei  concert in Shizuoka, Japan was also the last destination on their 2019 tour schedule. It was a huge success as well and these pictures prove what a night it had been for ARMYs in Japan.

The Ecopa Stadium welcomed 50,000+ ARMYs who flooded in to the city of Shizuoka to see BTS live. Even in the steaming weather of the July summer heat, Japanese ARMYs lined up to purchase BTS merchandise and eventually get seated in the stadium.

Check out how BTS gathered themselves a very full house for the evening:

Later on BTS’s official Twitter account, they shared this picture of the stadium glowing with ARMYs’ lights. It is indeed a phenomenal sight and K-Pop fans all over the world are simply amazed.

With such huge and successful shows like this all over the globe, it is no surprise that BTS are now considered one of the highest-paid entertainers in the world!

Here’s 18 minutes of pure bliss BTS created one summer night in Shizuoka:


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