The Transformation Made By VICTON’s Hanse From Cutie Pie To Smoking Hot Will Stun You – But The Reason Behind It Will Make Your Heart Ache

Hot, damn.

VICTON debuted 4 years ago in 2016 as the junior group to Apink. They’ve been making slow but steady traction. Hanse in particular, has been gaining attention for his striking punk look that is not common amongst idols. From lip piercings to tattoos, Hanse’s fierce aesthetic has been raking in fans.

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However, did you know that Hanse once looked like this? Without his piercings and tattoos he looks as fresh as a high schooler.

With newly built muscles, bleached hair and smoky eye makeup, Hanse’s new look may be a shock to those that have known him since debut.

However, there’s a sad story behind this transformation. According to fans, Hanse was once someone who was so scared of pain that he was unable to get even lobe piercings. But the group’s  hiatus took a toll on his mental health and he started to get piercings, as well as tattoos.

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What do you think of his transformation?

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