Singer PinkPantheress Was Gifted A Photocard Of Her NCT Bias During Concert

She had the best reaction!

English singer-songwriter PinkPantheress recently went viral with NCTzens (fans of NCT) after being gifted a photocard of her bias during a performance. 

PinkPantheress | @pinkpantheress/Instagram

Of course, PinkPantheress is no stranger to going viral. The 21-year-old solo artist’s music has dominated the trending sounds on TikTok with viral songs. Some of her hit songs include “Just For Me,” “Where you are,” and “Break It Off.”

Now, she has gone viral on TikTok again with a fan video.

A fan (@anjujamez on TikTok) shared that another fan had given PinkPantheress what appeared to be a K-Pop photocard mid-performance at the Los Angeles concert on May 10. The video went viral with 39K views, and 12.5K likes at the time of writing.


i think it was haechan #pinkpantheress #nct #haechan #kpop @NCT 127【LOVEHOLIC】

♬ Just for me – PinkPantheress

The NCTzens in question are soph (@kisslands701) and her best friend (@xiao_oj). They shared their own POV of the moment on Twitter.

Soph confirmed that it was, in fact, a Haechan photocard, as many suspected!

PinkPantheress had the best reaction upon receiving it too! She was so pleasantly surprised that others knew that she too was an NCTzen, particularly Haechan-biased.

PinkPantheress has revealed her bias to be Haechan on multiple occasions.

| @pinkpanteress/Instagram via @vantesboba/Twitter

She is actually a longtime K-Pop fan and even attended CL‘s London Pop-Up show.

NCT is one of her favorite K-Pop groups, though, and she frequently shows her fandom on Instagram.

Read more about fellow NCTzen PinkPantheress below:

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Source: @kisslands701 and @anjujamez

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