Pizza Hut Replaces Microdot From Commercial In The Most Unique Way

“The producer who thought of this idea should be promoted.”

Rapper Microdot has recently been caught in the spotlight for his parent’s alleged fraud scandal that happened 20 years ago.

Microdot Acknowledges His Parent’s Fraud Scandal, Makes Apology To The Victims

His parents have been accused of scamming nearly $2 million USD from their neighbors.


While the rapper has issued an apology to all the victims, since his family is still surrounded by controversy, Pizza Hut decided to replace him in their commercial in a very surprising and unique way.


And it’s very apparent that things are going to be different from the very beginning. The pizza chain starts things off with a warning message to the audience making an apology for the hasty video.

“Due to the controversy surrounding our model, the model’s parts had to be deleted 3 days before it went on air. This is the edited version of the commercial. The flow of the story could be confusing and we apologize.”


Surprisingly though, as soon as the warning message is delivered, we’re introduced to three friends and it seems normal enough…


Until there’s a sudden flash of a hand-drawn character!


But then the commercial goes right back to the friends, making you think that maybe you were just imagining things.


Except you weren’t!


Interwoven between scenes of the friends are these cute cartoon sketches!


And while the pizza chain might have been worried that it wouldn’t be received all that well, this unique commercial has actually won over many hearts!

  • “I don’t find it weird at all. It’s so refreshing.”

  • “It’s cute! It’s going to be a big hit in the advertising world.”

  • “Wow! The producer who thought of this idea should be promoted!”

  • “Wow… This will increase the views. The producer who thought of this idea should be promoted.”

  • “It’s weird but I like it.”


Check out the full commercial below: