Microdot Acknowledges His Parent’s Fraud Scandal, Makes Apology To The Victims

“I’d like to make an apology to those who were hurt by the incident related to my parents.”

Microdot has recently been in the spotlight for his parent’s alleged fraud scandal that occurred 20 years ago.


The rapper’s parents were accused of scamming dozens of close neighbors out of nearly $2 million USD.

Rapper Microdot’s Parents Accused Of Scamming Dozens Out Of Nearly $2 Million


According to the Jecheon Police Station, Microdot’s parents were charged in 1999 with having borrowed millions of dollars from approximately 10 acquaintances and fleeing without paying off their debt in 1997. Shortly after the press began spreading the news, Microdot released an official statement claiming that the rumors were false and made an additional statement that he is preparing to take legal action.


It appears, however, that the accusations were not made up as he is now apologizing for stating that the rumors were false and has expressed his regret to those that were victimized by the incident.

“I’d like to make an apology to those who were hurt by the incident related to my parents. I have hurt them twice by stating that we are preparing to take legal action after confirming that the rumors were false. Although it is too late I’d like to meet each person who was affected by my parents and hear their story in person.”

ㅡ Microdot


Microdot explained the reason he immediately stated that the rumors were false and that they would consider legal action.

“When my family immigrated to New Zealand, I was 5 years old. Before speaking to my parents about the issue after it was released in the press, I did not know exactly all the things that were happening. This is why I said the rumors were false and that we were considering legal action.”

ㅡ Microdot


Moreover, he confessed that he has been reflecting upon himself and revealed his intentions to take initiative in relation to the issue, firstly by meeting each victim.

“The articles that were being published following my statement gave me many thoughts and I was tormented. As a son, I believe I there are things I must take responsibility for. First of all, I’ll meet each and everyone [who was affected by the incident] and hear their story.”

ㅡ Microdot


Meanwhile, the police have revealed their plans to reinvestigate the case and are considering an overseas collaborative investigation for the defendants who are currently residing in New Zealand.

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