Julien Kang Under Fire For His Father’s Unpaid Debts From 2 Years Ago

Both Julien and his father made a statement.

TV personality, Julien Kang, is the next celebrity to be caught up in the #DebtToo scandal in Korea. According to the police, Julien Kang’s father was reported for fraud.

Julien’s father had apparently spent nearly $3,500 USD at a bar and hasn’t paid the bill for over 2 years. The victim (A) reported the incident to Julien Kang’s agency but received no response from them.

Back in July 2017, Julien Kang’s father came to our store and racked up 4 million won (~$3,500 USD) in fees from drinking and such. It’s been 2 years and he still hasn’t paid the bill.

When I call him, he claims, ‘It’s been so long. I never did that.’

— Victim A

After seeing no resolution outside of legal help, Victim A gathered information and officially filed a report to the police. He had first originally filed a civil suit against one of the friends who drank with Julien Kang’s father.

When Victim A demanded that the friend pay for the night they drank at his bar, the court ruled that he needed to demand the money from Julien Kang’s father.

After gathering substantial evidence, I was finally able to file a complaint.

Julien Kang’s father and his two friends came to our bar. One of his two friends had a personal debt to me so I filed a civil suit against him. I filed for him to pay me back for the fees he and his friend accrued 2 years ago, but the court judged that I needed to demand that money from Julien Kang’s father.

— Victim A

Julien Kang has been working as a free agent and no longer has an agency. However, his manager made a statement on his behalf.

Julien’s father said it was taken care of so that’s what he had believed. Their relationship isn’t close and it’s been a long time since Julien contacted his father. We will look into it.

— Julien Kang’s Manager

After the news broke about the official report, Julien Kang’s father personally spoke up to news reporters.

I’m sorry. I will do my best to make sure my son isn’t harmed.

I have not been contacted by the police yet.

— Julien Kang’s Father

Source: isplus

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