Popular Idol’s Father Mr. Heo Responds To Fraud Accusations

He shamed TV Chosun.

The popular idol’s father, Mr. Heo, who was accused of committing a 600 million KRW ($515,000 USD) fraud has responded to accusations.

He claimed that the evidence that was proposed in TV Chosun‘s report was fabricated and that the accusations were false.

On July 2, TV Chosun News reported that I (Mr. Heo) committed fraud using unverified, false evidence.

1. The unverified recorded tape and contract I supposedly signed that was revealed by the informant during the interview on TV Chosun News was fabricated by someone.

2. TV Chosun has maliciously used the fact that I am the father of a celebrity to make an issue out of a case that is still ongoing. Despite the fact that it is false information and that no law-breaking acts were committed, they reported information that made viewers from around the nation percieve me as a fraud. My son is currently suffering severe emotional trauma due to the malicious comments online.

3.  Is it a sin to be a celebrity? My son has nothing to do with this and yet reports make it seem as if the celebrity committed a sin. Is TV Chosun News allowed to blatantly reveal the identity of individuals?

TV Chosun wrote a novel that is different from the facts through careful editing and I have never committed fraud. I have never approached Mr. Kim and lied to receive money either.

I plan to sue TV Chosun and the informant in the interview and file a petition with the Press Arbitration Commission. In addition, we will strictly deal with the malicious comments and spread or reproduction of false information without any negotiation.

The important thing here is that a broadcast company, which should be reported fair news, has reported false information without even confirming the facts and committed an evil act of killing a good citizen and diligent celebrity.

I will takes trict legal action against this.

ㅡ Mr. Heo


Meanwhile, it was previously reported that Mr. Heo falsified documents and signed fake contracts with victims to take the contract deposits for himself.

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