Popular Idol’s Dad Accused Of Committing Fraud For Over 600 Million Won

The victim filed a lawsuit against him.

The father of a popular idol group member has been sued for committing a 600 million won (~$515,000 USD) fraud. The father, identified as Mr. Heo, reportedly told his victims that he was related to the executive director of a large company. He falsified documents and signed fake contracts with the victims to took the contract deposits for himself.

The plaintiff, identified as Mr. Kim, first met Mr. Heo back in May 2018. Mr. Heo reportedly told Mr. Kim to give him money so that he can buy construction sites for Mr. Kim in various provinces.

He was the father of the idol named _______. He has an entertainment agency, and Mr. Heo claimed he was related to Heo Chang Soo (Chairman of GS Group).

— Mr. Kim

Mr. Heo was identified as the father to a popular idol group member and has even released an album as an artist himself. He also told Mr. Kim that he was related to Mr. Heo Chang Soo, so it would be easy for him to acquire business licenses for Mr. Kim.

After losing 600 million won through the fraud, Mr. Kim filed a lawsuit against Mr. Heo. However, Mr. Heo claims it can’t be fraud because he tried to return the money back to him.

The police have already finished their questioning and are preparing to forward the cast to prosecution by this week.

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