Kim Hye Soo’s Mom Accused Of Stealing Over $1.1 Million Through Fraud

Her agency responded to the claims.

Famous veteran actress, Kim Hye Soo, was caught up in a #DebtToo scandal as her mother was accused of stealing money from people through fraud.

Kim Hye Soo’s mother had allegedly gathered 1.3 billion won (~$1.104 million USD) from investors after she claimed to be starting a business in 2011. The victims claimed that they only lent her the money because she was Kim Hye Soo’s mom. The victims were revealed to have been people of high status, including those in the political arena.

I only knew that she was Kim Hye Soo’s mom. She told us, ‘[My daughter] is a celebrity. Don’t worry.’

I only lent it to her because she was Kim Hye Soo’s mom.

— Victim

Kim Hye Soo’s lawyer spoke up in an official statement to explain that her mother had always caused financial issues and Kim Hye Soo always took responsibility for her actions despite her mother acting on her own.

Kim Hye Soo’s mother had caused financial problems since many years ago.

Kim Hye Soo never had any connections to her mother’s actions, and despite her not knowing what was going on and having made no benefit from her mother’s actions, she had continued to take responsibility for her mother and made reimbursed on her behalf.

— Kim Hye Soo’s Lawyer

After repeatedly covering for her mother, Kim Hye Soo decided to cut ties with her nearly 8 years ago. Thus, she was unaware and had no affiliation to her recent fraud once again. Her lawyer emphasized that the public refrains from spreading false facts and that they will take legal action against those who try to taint Kim Hye Soo’s name.

Kim Hye Soo had no way of knowing what her mother was doing since they had cut off contact for nearly 8 years.

After suffering an endless pain from her mother’s actions for so many years, Kim Hye Soo asks that her personal history is not mixed with false facts. Please understand that we will take legal action against illegal defamation and invasion of privacy.

— Kim Hye Soo’s Lawyer

Kim Hye Soo is one of the most famous actresses in Korea, where she’s been in the industry since 1986 when she debuted as a child actor. She has since gone to make multiple renown films, such as “The Face Reader”, “The Thieves”, “Tazza”, and more.

#DebtToo Scandal