Top Korean Actress Revealed To Have Lived In Old Cheap Apartment Because Of Her Mom’s Debt And Fraud

She’s worth millions but had to give it all up because of her mother.

Top actress Kim Hye Soo was recently revealed to have struggled in the past due to her mom’s habitual debt and fraud. Her mom was recently accused of stealing over $1.1 million USD through a fraud scheme.

A close friend and expert in the entertainment industry, identified as Reporter Kim, made a surprising reveal that Kim Hye Soo suffered greatly under her mom’s criminal ways. Despite her fame and success since her first debut as a child actress, Kim Hye Soo had to live in a crummy old apartment because she was paying off her mom’s continually increasing debt.

I’ve known Kim Hye Soo since 1991, and she’s suffered greatly under her mom’s problematic ways multiple times. There are many instances that haven’t been released to the press.

In fact, in 2012, she had to hand over nearly all of her posessions to pay off her mom’s debt. She had to rent a small, old apartment to live in because she was paying off her mom’s debt.

The recent issue is the same. Many victims are demanding she take responsibility because they lent her mom the money solely because she is Kim Hye Soo’s mom. But Kim Hye Soo announced through her lawyer, ‘I have nothing to do with this. My mom has to figure this out.’

— Reporter Kim Dae Oh

The reporter also revealed that “many female celebrities are wrapped up in these kinds of situations” where “the loaners even visit the celebrity’s set to demand money.

Kim Hye Soo has since cut off all contact and ties with her mother after her mother promised to stop causing so much financial burden to her daughter. Despite the promise, it appears her mother had continued to pile on debt through fraud.

Kim Hye Soo’s mother have caused numerous financial issues over the past years. Despite Kim Hye Soo not knowing, have taken part in, or have seen any profit from her mom’s problems, she continued to take responsibility for her mom’s debt.

In 2012, Kim Hye Soo’s mom accrued so much debt that even Kim Hye Soo’s total net worth could not have paid it off. This caused great conflict between the two’s relationship.

Kim Hye Soo’s mom had promised to stop making her daughter suffer from her mom’s problems and to stop creating more issues. With that promise, Kim Hye Soo and her mother cut off all contacts.

— Kim Hye Soo’s Lawyer

Kim Hye Soo has been active in the entertainment industry since 1986. Over the past two decades, she’s become one of the top celebrities in the Korean film industry with multiple box office hits, hundreds of endorsement deals and more.

Despite her success, she had to live way below her means even just a couple of years ago due to her mother’s financial issues.

Source: My Daily

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