Plastic Surgeon Goes Viral For His Eerie Resemblance To “Squid Game”‘s Lee Jung Jae

Do you guys see it?!

A plastic surgeon from Michigan has started to go viral after uploading a video of himself acting out Lee Jung Jae‘s scenes from Squid Game. The reason why this began to make headlines is due to the fact that the doctor has a crazy resemblance to the Squid Game actor.

Meet Anthony Youn, a holistic plastic surgeon hailing from Troy, Michigan. If he looks familiar, it’s because he has a big presence on numerous social media sites. Not only does he has over 2 million followers on his YouTube channel, but the doctor has almost 7 million followers on TikTok — boasting an impressive social media presence.

Dr. Anthony Youn |

And while he is mostly known for his plastic surgery-related videos, Anthony Youn recently garnered even more attention for looking like actor Lee Jung Jae. His followers have previously commented on the resemblance, so the doctor recently uploaded a video where he “recreated” some scenes from Squid Game featuring Lee Jung Jae.

He first replicated Lee Jung Jae’s iconic smile pose from the series…

…and then he recreated Lee Jung Jae’s famous neutral expressions.

The plastic surgeon then concluded his TikTok video by sharing that he doesn’t see the resemblance at all!

However, all of his followers disagreed, as they shared their honest opinions on the two’s resemblance!

| @AnthonyYoun,MD/YouTube

We can see it, it’s totally there! You can check out Dr. Anthony Youn’s video down below to compare and contrast for yourself.

Source: WikiTree