Plastic Surgeon Reveals BTS V’s Eyes Are Actually Impossible To Create With Surgery

“A lot of guys actually want these eyes, but…”

In a recent video by YouTube channel 아는 성형외과 원장님 (A Plastic Surgeon We Know), a veteran plastic surgeon shared thoughts on some of K-Pop’s hottest male idol visuals.

Surgeon Park Il of Yonsei First Plastic Surgery Clinic — located in Seoul’s plastic surgery central Gangnam — analyzed BTS V‘s visual, first by praising the pure beauty of it.

I can’t help but sigh because of how good looking this guys is…

— Park Il

Then he pointed out that V’s eyes are one of the most charming features on his face, because they are large but come in mono-lids.

V has what is a soft-but-masculine face. That has to do with how his eyes come naturally really large…

— Park Il

While V’s eyes are highly popular among his male patients looking to boost their visuals with a slight tweak to their eye shapes, the surgeon claimed it is ultimately impossible to re-create V’s eyes with surgery.

A lot of guys actually want these eyes. But, unfortunately, this shape is very difficult to achieve with plastic surgery.

— Park Il

The surgeon also commented that V’s eyes are what gives him that heart throb sexy god vibe. That is to say, this V-isual is not something that can be whipped up in a clinic!

Also note that eyes this big usually come with double or even multiple lids, but he has mono-lids. That gives him a very defined vibe. For example, Jungkook has double eyelids that make him cute-sexy. On the other hand, though, V’s mono-lids make him masculine-sexy.

— Park Il

Eventually, the surgeon picked V as one of his favorite K-Pop visuals. Likewise, ARMYs who are well aware of V’s gorgeous eyes strongly agree that V is indeed the hottest male idol out there!

Watch the full video here: