Popular Streamer Pokimane Has A Brief, Uncomfortable Encounter While Visiting Korea, Just Because Of Her Outfit

Other than the brief encounter, she had an amazing trip!

Popular gaming streaming Pokimane recently visited South Korea.

Pokimane | @pokimanelol/Instagram

The famous streamer shared her excitement at getting to explore South Korea. Visiting animal cafes, eating lots of food, and seeing buskers perform.

Buskers | Pokimane/YouTube 

And Pokimane continually expressed her gratitude for all the “cute” fans she met while traveling.

I’m in heaven meeting so many cute girl fans.

| Pokimane/YouTube 

But while Pokimane definitely enjoyed her trip to South Korea, there was one brief moment that caught the famous streamer off guard.

While streaming, Pokimane shares a story of how an older Korean woman criticized her outfit for showing too much skin. Pokimane explains that she was wearing sweatpants and a crop top, that only showed a little bit of her stomach, while going to a convenience store with her friend.

In the morning we went on our convenience store run and I was wearing sweatpants and a [crop top]. And there was about this much of my midriff showing… Full crop top, full long sweat pants.

Pokimane | Shrimpkkuno/YouTube 

Even though only a bit of her midriff was showing, an older woman gave Pokimane a “death stare.”

[The older woman] walks by us. She looks at me, she [gestures at her stomach]. I’ve never in my life… Especially [as] someone who’s like ‘growing up a good girl,’ I’ve never had an older lady give me a death stare like that.

| Shrimpkkuno/YouTube 

Pokimane was confused at the time since she was barely showing any skin, wondering what the woman was gesturing for.

I was like, ‘Is she saying I ened to cover up this two centimeter of skin? Or is she calling me fat? Or is she asking if I’m pregnant?’

| Shrimpkkuno/YouTube 

And while Pokimane’s encounter with this more conservative woman might have been uncomfortable, she certainly received a lot of love from her Korean and international fans.

Even tweeting that she doesn’t want to leave Korea.

You can watch Pokimane tell the story here.


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