Popular BJ Traumatizes Viewers by Attempting to Harm Herself on Live Broadcast

“Please don’t do this…” – Viewer

Famous BJ, Yeosoon recently held a live broadcast where she traumatized viewers by attempting to harm herself live on air.

During the broadcast, Yeosoon attempted to harm herself, leading to a large quantity of blood being shown to the viewers who were tuned in to the show.

In response to the unexpected incident, viewers were absolutely shocked.

Please don’t do this…

I think we should call the police and 911.


Go to the hospital.

Noona, talk to us.

You can’t hurt yourself.

– Viewers



And as soon as it happened, BJ, Doa, who was monitoring the broadcast, immediately called the police.

Ahead of this extreme action, Yeosoon told viewers, “I’ll do what you want. Stop saying bad things about BJs. I don’t care if I get shut down or not. I’m not going to broadcast anymore anyway.


Luckily, the police arrived on time to restrain Yeosoon and save her life, and Doa shared the details of what happened in a following post.

This post is for those who are worried about Yeosoon.

I’m making this announcement so that people don’t assume we’re dragging it on to gain attention. As soon as I called the police, they got to Yeosoon’s house through GPS, got into the house, and saved her.

She lost a lot of blood, so she was transported to the hospital for treatment. Thanks to the police’s quick action, she’ll be just fine.I asked them to tell me which hospital she’s at, but they said they can’t tell anyone that’s not family. I hope today’s painful action that Yeosoon took won’t be used against her in any way. I beg of you.

– Doa

Ahead of this incident, Yeosoon was known to be receiving treatment for taking sleeping pills and suffering from panic disorder.

Afreeca TV has shut down Yeosoon’s channel following the incident.

Source: Dispatch