Popular Character Kuromi May Have Revealed Her K-Pop Bias In A Viral TikTok

Her K-Pop bias is perfect for Kuromi!

Kuromi is a beloved animated character in the Hello Kitty family under the Sanrio Company. The character is known for her tough but cute exterior. Like the other Hello Kitty universe characters, Kuromi has many K-Pop idol fans who have been spotted rocking Kuromi’s adorable merch.

IVE’s Wonyoung wearing a Kuromi headband
TWICE’s Tzuyu wearing a Kuromi hat
ATEEZ’s Seonghwa wearing a Kuromi headband while holding a Kuromi plush

Just as K-Pop idols are fans of the Sanrio character, Kuromi is also a fan of K-Pop and may have just revealed her K-Pop bias!

The iconic Hello Kitty character is not only a television star but also a TikTok star with over 101,000 followers on her official TikTok account, which mixes animated Kuromi clips and Kuromi in a character costume participating in popular TikTok trends.


What’s in KUROMI’s bag??🪄クロミのカバンの中身紹介💖🖤#カバンの中身 #購入品紹介 #世界クロミ化計画 #KUROMI #KUROMIfytheworld #sanrio #サンリオ

♬ A warm 6/8 beat march – Sheep Sounds

One of those trends she’s participated in is where people seemingly approach strangers to ask what song they’re currently listening to. 

Kuromi is approached and asked in Japanese what song she is listening to, to which she responds by pointing to her phone that has (G)I-DLE‘s I Never Die album cover on the screen. She then dances to the group’s hit song “TOMBOY” as she walks away.


今何聞いてますか?🤍 #whatsongareyoulisteningto #世界クロミ化計画 #KUROMI #KUROMIFYTHEWORLD #sanrio #サンリオ #KPOP #GIDLE #아이들 #GIDLE好きな人と繋がりたい #TOMBOY


The TikTok quickly went viral with over 821,700 views and over 194,400 likes. It seems only fitting that the edgy Hello Kitty character would be a fan of the confident girl crush group (G)I-DLE.

In fact, Kuromi and (G)I-DLE announced a collaboration in October of this year and released special characters for the (G)I-DLE members.

(G)I-DLE x Kuromi collaboration photo | @G_I_DLE_JP/Twitter
(G)I-DLE x Kuromi collaboration characters | @G_I_DLE_JP/Twitter

Kuromi and (G)I-DLE’s confident and tough concepts make them the perfect match, and the popular song “TOMBOY” couldn’t be more fitting for the tomboyish Kuromi.

Despite “TOMBOY” being such a hit, (G)I-DLE’s leader Soyeon didn’t think it would be able to achieve a perfect all-kill. Check out the article below to find out why!

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Didn’t Expect “TOMBOY” To Be Able To Achieve A Perfect All-Kill, Here’s Why


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