Popular Korean YouTuber Takes Heat After Sharing Her Liposuction Transformation And Drastic Weight Loss “Tip”

Netizens believe her influence on young subscribers may be dangerous.

Twenty-year-old Korean YouTuber Jodupal (조두팔) is a beauty-related content creator who grew extremely popular among her younger audience of female teenagers…

YouTuber “Jodupal” | @whgekwhtnwls/Instagram

… for her show-it-all type videos, focused heavily around her visual transformation via plastic surgery and liposuction procedures. In the past year or so, this YouTuber is said to have undergone enough plastic surgery and liposuction procedures to amount to the cost of purchasing a house.

| 조두팔/NamuWiki

Her “Before & After” type videos rake up over a million views…

Before (left) and after (right) undergoing various plastic surgery procedures. | 조두팔/YouTube

… along with a flood of comments from viewers, praising her visuals and asking her for tips on how to achieve the same results. While her channel has long remained controversial for her “seemingly obsessive” plastic surgery videos…

YouTuber’s picture after undergoing facial bone contouring on her face. | 조두팔/YouTube

… her latest video about her “weight loss tip” has since sparked an intense debate online. In this video — titled “Jodupal’s Weight Loss Method” — the YouTuber admitted that following her whole-body liposuction, she has been “scared [she] might return to [her] previous weight.”

YouTuber’s pictures before & after undergoing liposuction on her legs. | 조두팔/YouTube

Hence, she revealed, she developed a borderline eating disorder-like habit of binging-then-vomiting. She also shared her bare-minimum daily diet of eggs, rice, and soy milk.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to go back to being 73 kilograms… Like I hate the thought so much. I start chugging weight loss supplements and appetite suppressants because I’m so afraid… I want to be skeletal. My goal is to drop to 43 kilograms.

— YouTuber @Jodupal

Against her flock of supportive viewers, who insist the videos are “not a threat to anyone” since the YouTuber has her right to choose what to do with her body…

… other Korean viewers found the video problematic. Many have voiced that the YouTuber is “a negative influence” because her videos could lead people “to believe that taking drastic measures for weight loss is okay“. Some are even pushing to have the video removed, insisting that it “promotes unhealthy eating and dieting habits” for her younger subscribers.

It’s one thing to have her be like this offline. But for her to be like this on YouTube where everyone, including the young viewers, can watch? She has substantial influence, but she isn’t being thoughtful of how she uses that influence. Some of her most vulnerable viewers are probably already looking up dangerous plastic surgery procedures, liposuction, appetite suppressants, and even binge-vomiting. And no matter who tries to stop them, they’ll go on to ruin their lives because this YouTuber seemingly “succeeded” at achieving her goal.

— Viewer

Mainly though, viewers are worried about the YouTuber’s mental health. Her videos are seeing an increase of comments urging her to “seek professional help” so she can stop “destroying her body any further“.

| 조두팔/YouTube
  • “She has an unstable mentality and an unhealthy weight loss plan, but her fans keep praising her for it. That’s toxic. Your weight is only a number. If you don’t want to go back to your previous weight, work out and build muscles. Increase your BMR. Your fans who tell you to do as you wish… aren’t real fans. You’re obviously on a dangerous path, and for them to let you be? They don’t care. I worry for your future years.”
  • “Whoa… This is borderline eating disorder level though. She’s binging, she’s vomiting… AND she’s storing excessive amounts of food in her house…”
  • “I’m seriously heartbroken that I don’t know you in real life and I’m not there by your side to literally hold you back from doing this to yourself. I hope her boyfriend sees my comment and comes to his senses. YOU MUST INTERVENE AND STOP HER.”
  • “Oh no… Please don’t throw up your food. It will destroy your esophagus. You’ll eventually lose your face shape if you keep throwing up on purpose. Your teeth will get damaged… You’re what, 55 kilograms? That’s perfect for your height. You’re already beautiful. You can work out at home and maintain that figure. Please… You need to take care of your health first.”


The YouTuber is yet to respond to the growing concerns and the video remains visible to the public.

Source: theqoo
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