This Popular Webtoon To Get A K-Drama Make Over: Here Are The Netizens’ Top Picks For The Cast

Who would you like to see in the cast?

Earlier this month, on May 8, 2020, the popular K-Drama production company Studio Dragon — well known for their previous hits like Mr. SunshineHotel Del Luna, and Crash Landing On You — announced their plan to turn Naver‘s beloved webtoon Yumi’s Cells into a drama…

Yumi’s Cells

… and readers couldn’t hide the excitement! Since Yumi’s Cells is a top-ranking rom-com favorite for over 2+ million webtoon fans, its “dramafication” has been long awaited.

While Studio Dragon has not yet shared details about the series, except for the fact that screenwriter Song Jae Jung — who has also written High Kick!, W, and Memories of The Alhambra — will take on the process of adapting it for television…

Screenwriter Song Jae Jung

We’re going to focus on really capturing the webtoon’s unique and fun setting of Yumi’s cells playing a huge part in Yumi’s reality. It’s going to be a cheeky, relatable show for the viewers.

— Studio Dragon

… readers have already begun drafting a line up of potential Korean celebrities who would best portray the characters. Actress Jung Yu Mi, by a large vote, is said to be a perfect fit for Yumi, the main character. Not only do these two have their names in common, but they also boast unbelievably similar visuals!

Actress Park Bo Young is also said to be a good match — seeing from how her previous happy-go-lucky type of characters proved that she would be able to pull off portraying Yumi’s adorable personality.

As for one of the supporting male characters, Bobby, readers are wildly divided between actor Jung Hae In

… and actor Im Si Wan! One thing is for sure: Both actors undeniably resemble the sweet-and-gentle character (though, to throw in a spoiler, he later breaks Yumi’s heart).

On the other hand, readers are unanimously set on seeing actor Byun Yo Han play the clingy ex-boyfriend character Goo Woong. Could it be that rugged, beard-growing aesthetic?

In the meanwhile, nothing has been confirmed as for how the series will convey the “cells” that dictate Yumi’s behaviors. For now, readers speculate that the K-Drama version of Yumi’s Cells will be a mix of live action and animation.

The “cells” in “Yumi’s Cells”

This highly-anticipated series is estimated to premiere in 2021. Would you watch the webtoon-based K-Drama? Who would you like to see in the cast?

Source: Hankyung, NamuWiki, Insight and THEQOO