Post Malone Liked Such An Ordinary Instagram Post Of Suzy That Fans Are Freaking Out

First it was IU, and now it’s Suzy.

Suzy recently posted a video of herself on Instagram, and while she gained enough attention with her neverending beauty, what gained particular attention was a famous male fan that liked the post.

Aside from showcasing Suzy’s stunning visuals, there wasn’t anything special about the video.

Suzy simply posed according to the director’s instructions.

| @skuukzky/Instagram

But shortly after its upload, Post Malone liked it, gaining much attention from netizens.

| @skuukzky/Instagram

In addition to the excitement that Post Malone liked yet another Korean celebrity’s post, fans were even more hopeful because the post of Suzy that he liked was so ordinary that there would be no other reason behind the like aside from simply being a fan of Suzy herself.

  • He must be a fan.
  • First, it was IU, and now it’s Suzy!
  • Is he preparing to visit Korea?
  • Not even Post Malone could deny Suzy’s effortless beauty.
  • Is he a fan of Suzy?

This isn’t the first time Post Malone caused a wave by liking a Korean celebrity.

| @postmalone/Instagram

In October 2019, Post Malone freaked out IU fans by following her on Instagram.

Post Malone is hinting that he’s a K-Pop fan, and everybody’s loving it.

Source: Insight