A Praying Mantis Once Crawled Out Of Actor Kim Ji Suk’s Sweater On Broadcast

The studio went into chaos.

Well, Korean media has had their fair share of broadcasting accidents, but this one might take the cake. We’ve had BLACKPINK‘s Jennie being attacked by a harmless flying moth during Running Man

…but have you seen a praying mantis crawl out of a sweater during a show? Kim Ji Suk was all geared up to answer a question on Problematic Men when his fellow cast member noticed a huge green bug on his sweater. Once Kim Ji Suk saw that it was a large praying mantis, he started flailing around to get it off him.

Hilariously, him flapping the collar of his sweater around only led the bug to try to crawl back into his sweater. The entire studio was thrown into chaos as everyone started yelling and running away from the bug.

The situation concluded when the mantis dropped to the ground and scuttled away, leaving the cast either traumatized or giggling. Catch the entire scene below!