The Price Difference Between BTS Jin’s Knit Sweater And Watch Has Fans Baffled

Jin does whatever he wants!

BTS meets up virtually with fans through Run BTS, and Jin has become a hot topic of conversation following his appearance on one episode.

| BTS Run/V Live

On the show, Jin looked like a total fashionista in a cute knit sweater, but the price revelation of his pieces has fans baffled.

| BTS Run/V Live

The sweater he flaunted for the show was a knit by a Korean brand called MAINBOOTH, and the price point has been revealed to be around $65 USD.

| BTS Run/V Live

Quite an affordable price for those who want to dress just like Jin, except it’s sold out.

But the contrasting price point of his watch in comparison to his sweater can be shocking to most.

| BTS Run/V Live

The watch he was wearing was Rolex‘s Day-Date 36 White Gold, which goes for around $100,000 USD!

| Rolex

Meanwhile, his Gucci sneakers run around the affordable (?) price of nearly $1000 USD.

Netizens are expressing their awe with comments such as “This revelation just called me poor“, “Now that’s what you call world-class“, “It’s funny because his sweater is so modest“, and “Seokjin can do whatever he wants“.


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