This Produce 101 Contestant Is Already Being Called The Main Visual

Produce 101, Season 2, contestant Ong Seong Woo has been garnering lots of attention online for his good looks, many fans are even going so far as to dub him this contest’s main visual.

The 21-year-old Fantagio trainee and model caught everyone’s attention during the Produce 101 special performance stage last week for what many are calling his undeniable good looks. Many fans are showing early support and have even dubbed Seong Woo as this season’s main visual drawing a comparison to Produce 101’s first main visual and winner of the show’s first season, Somi.

Take a look at why fans are saying Seong Woo is this season’s Somi below:

His adorable yet manly visuals are undeniable.

He is already gaining early support from fans thanks to his amazing visuals.

Many fans are drawing a comparison to last year’s winner Somi who also gained attention for her amazing visuals.

Fellow contestants from this season have also gained attention from fans for their unique traits and adorable personalities receiving early support from fans ahead of this season’s premiere. Meanwhile, contestant Han Jong Yeon has become the subject of a great deal of controversy since a former classmate accused him of sexual abuse and other untoward behavior while they were in high school together.