“Produce X 101” Kim Min Kyu Makes An Insane Transformation With A Hot Bulk Up

That glow up.

Remember Kim Min Kyu from Produce X 101? He was one of the trainees from Jellyfish Entertainment to hit it big on the show.

Despite his immense popularity, he was eliminated at #12, barely missing the cut for debut with X1.

Kim Min Kyu went on to become an actor instead of an idol. He starred in many web dramas including Youth Blossom, Pop-Out Boy, and Netflix hit, The Fabulous. He recently surprised fans with his glow up.

He was a mere 18 years old when Produce X 101 was airing. Now, he’s 22 years old internationally.

| theqoo

Kim Min Kyu has been hitting the gym relentlessly, if his arm muscles are any indication.

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He has bulked up since his trainee days for sure. It’s no wonder he has amassed over two million followers on Instagram!

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Even in formal clothing, his new form stands out.

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His visuals are insane.

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Netizens couldn’t pick their jaws up from the ground!

| theqoo
  • He grew up so fast… Wow…
  • The best.
  • So cool.
  • The best.
  • Wow, he’s so handsome. Just as he always has been though LOL.
  • Insane. I never knew that our little baby would be posted here. Feels so new. He’s handsome.
  • What is he doing? Just film anything, please.

We’d love to see him in a new drama soon! His last work was The Fabulous in 2022.

Source: Theqoo
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