Produce 101 Fans Go Memes Crazy With Kang Dong Ho’s New Nickname

Kang Dong Ho was given a new nickname on Produce 101 Season 2 and the fans responded with hilarious memes.

Renown producer Ryan Jhun wrote specific lyrics with Dong Ho’s signature sexiness in mind.

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He read out the lyrics, “Megaton bomb”, and the fandom went crazy.

The lyrics were a perfect addition to the many nicknames, like “Daddy Sexy”, that reflected his sexy manliness.

Word spread of his new title as “Megaton bomb” soon trended on Twitter.

Funny enough, Megaton is actually the name of a caramel flavored Korean ice cream!

And the fans climbed on board to photoshop Dong Ho with his new nickname.

Other fans took the game to a whole new level with hilarious gifs!

Needless to say, Kang Dong Ho is definitely one hot “Megaton bomb”!