“Produce 48” Is Coming Soon, Here Are The Idols Rumored To Be Contestants

Some past fan-favorites will be returning to the Produce series.

After 2 successful seasons of Produce 101, it was revealed last year that Mnet would be collaborating with AKB48’s producer, Yasushi Akimoto, to work on a new concept of the show called Produce 48.


Reports indicate that 48 Korean trainees and 48 Japanese trainees will be selected to participate in the show. Residents of Korea will only be allowed to vote for Japanese trainees while Japanese residents will only vote for Korean trainees. 6 finalists from each country will be selected to create a 12-member girl group.


A list of potential trainees has been revealed online:

-Ahn Dabi / Maroo Entertainment
-Bae Soomin / Plan A Entertainment
-Jang Harin
-Han Hyeri / Individual Trainee
-Bae Eunyoung / Individual Trainee
-Jo Yoori / Individual Trainee
-Jang Boram
-Lee Siahn
-Ahn Yoojin / Starship Entertainment
-Yena / Yue Hua Entertainment
-Ahn Somi / MBK Entertainment
-Ahn Eunjin / MBK Entertainment
-Jang Harin
-Lee Yoonseo
-Kim Setbyul
-Shin Yeh Eun / Content Y
-Yoon Soobin / Woollim Entertainment
-Park Sooyoung
-Song Chae Eun
-Kim Minjoo
-Kim Bora / FNC Entertainment
-Choi Jiyeon


You may recognize some of these names. Let’s take a look and see where we have seen them before:


Han Hyeri (Produce 101 Season 1)


Bae Eunyoung (Idol School)


Lee Sian (Idol School)


Minjoo (iKon’s “#WYD” music video)


Ahn Yoojin (Acuvue spokesmodel, Jung Sewoon’s “Just U” music video)


Yena (SBS cooking show)


Kim Bora (FNC trainee)


Ahn Dabi (Mix Nine contestant)


Shin Yeh Eun (Yang Yoseob’s “Where I Am Gone” music video)


Yoon Soobin (Woollim Entertainment trainee)


Bae Soomin (Huh Gak’s “The Last Night” music video)


Check out the teaser for the show below: