Produce X 101’s Song Hyungjun Tried To Interact With Fans Online But It Did Not Go As Planned

Well…that was unexpected!

Sometimes communicating with fans goes incredibly smoothly and other times it doesn’t go quite as planned which is exactly what happened to Produce X 101‘s Song Hyungjun when he tried to interact with his fans online.


Not too long ago, Song Hyungjun decided to visit an open fan forum on Kakao Talk. After he had set his profile, many fans were curious to know if he was the real Hyungjun. So when they asked him to verify that it really was him, Hyungjun was happy to oblige! So he updated with a photo of himself complete with mask pack.


The only problem was one fan didn’t recognize him at all!


Thankfully, however, some other fans immediately recognized him and welcomed him into their chatroom!


This isn’t the first time someone has had an unexpected experience with their fans in a chatroom but thankfully everything turned out well in the end for Hyungjun!

Source: The Qoo