PRODUCE X 101 Trainee Kwon Tae Eun Goes Viral Again, This Time For His Fashion

Now he’s “that model guy”.

PRODUCE X 101 trainee Kwon Taeeun, unfortunately better known as “That Siren Guy“, has been a viral storm following each episode that aired – mainly for his quirky personality captured on the show.


Most recently though, netizens found Kwon Taeeun’s “OOTD” posts on Instagram to be quite eye-catching. Now his “fashion” has this sensational trainee under the spotlight again!


Kwon Taeeun is actually a model signed to the agency A.CONIC Entertainment who made his debut at the 2018 Hera Seoul Fashion Week. Towering at 6 feet tall, Kwon Taeeun has the proportions to pull off just about any look and style! Viewers noticed how fashionable he is in most of his pictures – and are now calling him the “standard for boyfriend looks”.


While some of his posts are of his modeling work, most are captures of his daily life and outfits. PRODUCE X 101 fans are enchanted by Kwon Taeeun’s taste in fashion that really bring out his strong features, like his height and his build.


The modeled shots are even better, because there is something professional about the way Kwon Taeeun looks in these pictures. Unlike the silly trainee he has made himself to look so far on the show, Kwon Taeeun in these model photos look quite amazing.


Fans are slowly realizing, despite the image of him crawling on stage to Sunmi’s “Siren”, that Kwon Taeeun might actually have what it takes to be a K-Pop idol – at least visual wise.


So far, Kwon Taeeun remains in the lower ranks in the show. With more viewers finding out about his hidden charm though, Kwon Taeeun just might make it to the top!