This Team of Trainees On PRODUCE X 101 Nailed Their Version of SEVENTEEN’s “Clap”

They didn’t want to do it at first…

On the latest episode of PRODUCE X 101, a group of trainees selected to recreate SEVENTEEN‘s “Clap” performance – including the more popular ones Nam Do Hyun and Ham Won Jin – did such an amazing job that it has captivated the viewers’ eyes and hearts. The video of their performance is going viral on YouTube and helping the trainees receive a bit more attention on the show!


This group was off to a rough start because none of the members wanted to be a part of the team. Viewers were concerned about this group of trainees as they didn’t seem too thrilled about the song they were assigned to practice.

No One Wanted To Be On This Produce X 101 Trainee’s Team, But That Didn’t Stop Him


Fortunately, the trainees put their best feet forward and put together a killer performance that outdid their competition. The audience, fellow trainees, and evaluating panels were all happy to see that the trainees worked together to find the right balance among themselves and successfully divided up the parts to create this one amazing stage!


The team of trainees mastered the choreography so that all of their movements were in sync. The vocal line trainees honed their skills so the live singing sounded more than stable. Each of the members also got some one-on-one, close-up camera time as they showed off their charms to the viewers.


The performance was actually impressive enough that they won the battle by almost double the score. Fans are now thanking trainee Kwon Tae Eun for having created the ultimate team by “picking all the wrong trainees”!

Check out the performance below:

Source: Dispatch