This Produce X 101’s Contestant’s Dad Is Promoting Him On The Streets

A father’s love.

Produce X 101 contestant and A.APY Entertainment trainee Kang Hyeonsu is currently at rank #69 and is on the verge of elimination. Netizens were surprised to find the trainee’s father promoting his son on the streets.

His dad was seen with a sign promoting his son on the show. He also gave cards to people passing by, asking them to vote for his son. People soon began sharing photos of the trainee’s father on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The card and sign called him Daejun’s Son and asks people to vote for him. When netizens saw the amount of effort and love the father had for his son, they started voting for him. They soon discovered that Kang Hyeonsu is a Royal A, meaning that he got an A grade for their company evaluation and got an A again for the re-evaluation.

Hopefully, his rank will rise in the upcoming episodes.

Source: The Qoo