BTS’s Producer Reveals How Working With Them Has Been So Different

“I was really impressed with their chemistry.”

In a recent interview with The Deep Cut, artist and producer Jinbo revealed his 4+ years running relationship with BTS and how the members have completely won over his heart!


Jinbo recalled the first time he met BTS, when he worked on the track “Look Here” that was released in 2014.

I started working with BTS probably 3, 4 years ago. Our first track together was ‘Look Here’. The members then were a little bit younger.

— Jinbo


Back then, and throughout the years, Jinbo came to truly appreciate producing albums for BTS because the way they worked has been “different” from other K-Pop idol groups he met.

I really enjoyed the time I spent with the boys at the studio. I still remember, I was on my way home after the session with them. I kept thinking about them because they were different from other idol groups.

— Jinbo


According to Jinbo, as most K-Pop idol groups have members working on individual schedules, it is nearly impossible to hold one solid recording session with everyone present. For BTS, however, Jinbo was able to spend quality time in the studio with all seven members — and that left an impression so unforgettable on him.

It’s usually very difficult to summon all members to one session. And once the recording is over, each member parts ways and gets picked up by their managers. Then I’m left alone in the studio, finishing the session by myself. But BTS members were always together.

— Jinbo


Not only that, but BTS also charmed Jinbo with their unrivaled tight-knit, family-like teamwork. Although now he doesn’t get to see BTS often, Jinbo happily commented that he found BTS’s “vibe” to be truly something else.

And they looked very close, each and every one of them. So I really loved their vibe together… I was really impressed with their chemistry. [Since then] we’ve made 3 albums together. Now I don’t get to see them in person very often due to their tour schedule, but I think of them as family and am happy to work with them.

— Jinbo


With all the praise for BTS, ARMYs can’t wait to have the members work in collaboration with Jinbo again. After all, he has produced some of BTS’s catchiest tracks, like “Anpanman” and J-Hope‘s “Chicken Noodle Soup”.


ARMYs believe that Jinbo and BTS’s mutual respect and appreciation for each other fuel such bops to be produced!


Watch the full interview here: