Songwriter PrimeBoi Picks IZ*ONE’s Sakura as His Fav, Takes It Back Because His Girlfriend Didn’t Like

PrimeBoi was one of the songwriters of “Produce X 101” and he was asked who his favorite former “Produce” contestant was.

Songwriter PrimeBoi, who recently wrote the song, “Monday to Sunday” for Mnet’s Produce X 101, recently chatted with fans through his official Instagram account.

On this day, PrimeBoi naturally received many questions regarding Produce X 101, and one follower asked him who his favorite former Produce contestant was.

In response, PrimeBoi said it was IZ*ONE‘s Sakura, who appeared on Produce 48 before debuting with the group.

And when the follower asked who his favorite was in the most recent season of the Produce series, he kept his stance by answering, “Sakura, who appeared on the final episode with the members of ‘Monday to Sunday’.

But long afterward, PrimeBoi’s girlfriend commented, “Are you out of your mind?” to which PrimeBoi said, “Never mind. I take that back. My girlfriend saw.

After seeing even a top songwriter of the Korean music scene surrendering to his girlfriend, netizens are showing responses of both amusement and admiration.

Source: Insight