Produce X 101’s Kim Mingyu Was Unexpectedly Hit By A Confetti Bomb

Netizens are cracking up.

Produce X 101’s Kim Mingyu recently made netizens laugh after he was unexpectedly hit in the face with a bomb of confetti.

On the 2x speed dance video of Produce X 101‘s “Monday to Sunday” team revealed on July 8th, Kim Mingyu showed off his charms as he steadily performed the choreography.


Then Nam Dohyun, who was holding a bunch of confetti in his hands, happened to throw the confetti right in front of Kim Mingyu.


Kim Mingyu, who had a serious expression on his face in coordination with the song, couldn’t help but laugh after this unexpected burst of glitter in his face.


When it was Kim Mingyu’s turn to throw the confetti, Nam Dohyun quickly moved and escaped from being hit with the glitter bomb.


Netizens are cracking up at the cute chemistry of these two trainees.


Check out the full video below:

Source: Naver TV