Fans Are Having Too Much Fun Editing Photos Of Produce X 101 Trainees

Here is your laugh of the day!

Fans have recently been having a lot of fun editing photos of the Produce X 101 trainees and some of them are just too funny!

One image is of Kim Wooseok from last week’s episode during the choreography review of “You Got It”. Someone had apparently added balloons to a screenshot of Kim Wooseok in the middle of the choreography.


The bundle of a few balloons soon became dozens and dozens that carried him into the sky.


At one point, he held onto dear life holding a single balloon.


Then eventually, he flew all the way to space with the balloons.


Another screenshot of Song Hyungjun and Koo Jungmo was cleverly titled “Children Who Lost Their Country” by a netizen.


This photo is called “Omelette and Pink Sausage feat. Keum Donghyun and Kim Wooseok”.


And here is Kim Wooseok taking photos of Kim Yohan‘s extraordinary visuals at different beautiful locations.


Check out more of these hilarious images below!

Source: Pann Nate