Produce X 101 Trainer Performs “Up & Down” With EXID

She looked like the 6th member!

Produce X 101 dance trainer, Bae Yoon Jeong, showed off her sexy side in a recent performance of EXID‘s “Up & Down”.

Bae Yoon Jeong appeared on May 30th’s episode of TMI News alongside EXID and showed off her extraordinary dance skills.


Bae Yoon Jeong seemed nervous and excited at the same time to perform with EXID.

Wow…I can’t believe I’m dancing with you guys. This is my first time dancing like this. I’m nervous.

ㅡ Bae Yoon Jeong


It wasn’t only Bae Yoon Jeong that was nervous either. The EXID members also seemed nervous about dancing with the talented trainer.


Once the music began, however, all the nervousness completely disappeared and Bae Yoon Jeong showed off skills that even shocked EXID!


Bae Yoon Jeong naturally fit in and looked like the 6th member of the group.


She also had the choreography memorized perfectly.


In fact, it is not surprising that Bae Yoon Jeong knew this dance so well as she was the choreographer behind it!


Check out this special performance of “Up & Down” by both teacher (Bae Yoon Jeong) and students (EXID) below!