Professional Dancers Respond To Comment That They’d Be Jobless If Not For K-Pop Idols

“Dancers won’t have jobs if it weren’t for idols.”

Many professional dancers have a full-time job performing in live K-Pop stages, dance practice videos, and more. They’re professionals who can be relied on to enhance the entire performance.

But if they weren’t dancers for K-Pop idols, would they still have work?

Recently, YouTube channel AYO invited professional dancers Sara and Lee Bo Min to talk about their job in detail.

Sara (left) and Lee Bo Min (right)

One netizen comment that they received is that dancers look down on idols even if it’s thanks to idols that they have a livelihood.

Isn’t it funny that dancers look down on idols? Dancers won’t have jobs if it weren’t for idols in the first place lol.

— K-Netizen

Lee Bo Min disagreed with the comment. Contrary to popular belief, dancers do not look down on idols, and they would still have jobs even without the idol industry.

This is a misunderstanding. Dancers do have jobs even if it weren’t for idols.

— Lee Bo Min

The only difference is that they would have fewer opportunities. Because dancers and idols need each other, they work together in harmony.

But there would be fewer jobs, so dancers and idols live together.

— Lee Bo Min

Aside from performing with idols on stage, other careers that professional dancers pursue include being a choreographer, dance teacher, yoga instructor, physical therapist, and many others.

In the same interview, Lee Bo Min and Sara replied to a comment that dancers tend to be too “unrestrained” on stage, causing them to outshine the idols. Check it out here:

Professional Dancers Fire Back At Netizens Who Think They Dance Too “Unrestrained” On Stage

Source: YouTube