Professional Hair Stylist Explains How Male Idols Achieve That Brilliant White Blond Hair Color

The secret is actually NOT in the bleach:

Although there are many gorgeous colors fans love to see their favorite idols rocking, one of the most beloved is an icy white color. Many idols have absolutely slayed the look and as such, fans have been curious to know exactly how this bright silvery color is achieved.

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How exactly is this look achieved? Park Naeju, a professional stylist and CEO of the Bit & Boot salon, explained all the details on how the dazzling color is achieved while also keeping hair healthy and strong despite bleaching.

With bleach involved in the process of creating the look, Park Naeju revealed the first step is always properly prepping the hair for the treatment. To help keep hair damage-free, he spritzes hair with water before adding a protein formula to any strands of hair that are already dyed.

After being prepped, the next step is to undergo the bleaching process which could be repeated up to four times. When the process is complete, the hair should be a light yellowy blond.

To take the color to brilliant white, the secret is shampoo! This shampoo, as Park Naeju explained, isn’t like the shampoo used to wash hair but more like a dyeing detergent. And as it’s a shampoo, it won’t cause any discomfort or burning.

The shampoo is left on for 15 minutes and once rinsed off, the silvery-white is achieved!

In addition to explaining the steps to the silver color, Park Naeju also revealed more bleaching secrets like how idols maintain the color, how to avoid the burning sensation from the bleach, and more. Learn more about the bleaching process idols go through in the video below:

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