Professional Makeup Artists Don’t Use Expensive Makeup On K-Pop Idols Even If They Can—Here’s Why

It makes sense 😮

Not everyone can look like a K-Pop idol, but at least it’s totally possible to copy their makeup! Unfortunately, even with a lot of eagerness and determination, it doesn’t always turn out exactly the same as theirs.

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Because this could be due to a variety of factors, a netizen asked professional makeup artists Kim Ye Ji and Park Jeong An to help identify where her mistake lies.

Kim Ye Ji (left) and Park Jeong An (right)

The two women answered the question in a recent guest appearance on YouTube channel AYO. As makeup artists for famous groups like Apink and Pentagon, they definitely know a thing or two about the topic!

Why is my makeup different from idols and actresses? Is it because they use expensive and good makeup?

— Netizen question

According to Park Jeong An, the problem is simply in the netizen’s skill level. Her makeup doesn’t look the same as K-Pop idols simply because she needs to practice more.

In fact, the two professionals revealed that they don’t even use expensive products! They mainly rely on cheap, locally-made makeup.

  • Park Jeong An: The hands are different. We don’t really use expensive ones, right?
  • Kim Ye Ji: I really use a lot of cheap products.

The reason why they’re comfortable using affordable products is because they’ve found that the quality of many Korean makeup has skyrocketed in recent years. They don’t feel the need to spend money on high-end and luxury makeup when the cheaper ones do just as good—or even better—of a job.

Korean products are good. They’re really good. So unlike the past in which we used expensive ones, these days we also use cheap ones.

— Park Jeong An

Aside from discussing why they don’t use expensive makeup on their clients, Park Jeong An and Kim Ye Ji also talked about how they apply five layers of foundation and still make it look flawless.

Learn how they do it here:

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Source: YouTube