Professional Volleyball Player Confesses The Reason Why She Fell For BTS’s V’s Charms

This isn’t the first time a female athlete fell for Taehyung’s charms.

Aside from various celebrities worldwide who have expressed their love for BTS, would you believe that they have athlete fans, too?

Yes, just this month alone, professional volleyball player Kim Hyunjung mentioned BTS, specifically V, during her interview.

Middle blocker Kim Hyun-jung who recently transferred to the team of IBK bank confessed this during her interview:

I wasn’t originally interested in idols. But I stumbled upon a reality program featuring BTS.

– Kim Hyun-jung

I like them all, but I like V the most. Just thinking about him alone makes me smile. I like men who have pretty smile”.

– Kim Hyun-jung

It’s no wonder V is so popular with the fans — his boxy smile wins the day once again!

Honestly, though, wouldn’t you feel the same if this angel smiled at you like this?

Or when he expresses his innocent laughter like this, wouldn’t it make your heart flutter?

How about when you imagine him looking at you like this?

Naturally, thousands of ARMYs are already soft for V’s adorable smile.

One can just spend all day looking at him while he’s showing off his pearly whites and making his eyes twinkle with joy.

This is not the first time a female athlete fell for Taehyung’s charms.

An award-winning figure skater, You Young, also mentioned in an interview about how much she likes Jungkook and Taehyung.

I love BTS’s song and dance. I totally love Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung.

– You Young

When asked in an interview if she’d be willing to date V for one day, she said yes.

You can read more about her confession here:

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Source: The Spike