Proof BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Destined To Be The Face Of Downy

There were far too many coincidences for it not to happen.

On May 8, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa snagged yet another brand endorsement from her overwhelming popularity in China. Through her Weibo account, she revealed she was the new face of Downy.

As soon as fans discovered the news, they believed it to be a perfect match. There were too many moments from Lisa’s past that revealed it was destined to happen.

Out of all the places that Lisa snaps a few photos or films, there’s always one place she ends up: the laundromat. In an Instagram photo from back in 2018, Lisa casually posed in an oversized jacket with washing machines as her backdrop. That was far from the only visit to the laundromat.

| lalalalisa_m/Instagram

In one scene, Lisa is dressed elegantly in pink with a pair of lighter pink high heels to finish the look. Sitting in front of a row of washers and dryers, she turned her head to gaze straight into the camera.

| @ddeulgibear/Twitter

For a promotional video for popular contact lens brand OLENS, Lisa once again appeared in her favorite place. From sitting on top of a machine to posing in front of one, she was right at home.

What really had everyone convinced about how well Lisa and Downy matched was a photoshoot with Vogue Korea.

| 오렌즈OLENS/YouTube 

In a set of photos from the group’s 2018 shoot with the magazine, Lisa was surrounded by all things pink and cute—with some edge. Right under her chunky, platform boots were two bottles that didn’t go unnoticed. They were pink bottles of Downy.

| Vogue Korea

Considering how stunning Lisa looked in such a common place as a laundromat and how frequently she was photographed in one, it makes perfect sense why the company sought her out as their new face. If they didn’t, another company would’ve.

| @intoblackpivk/Twitter