PSY achieves most viewed K-pop video on YouTube for fourth year

YouTube released its Top 10 Most Viewed K-pop Videos list for 2016, and it’s no surprise who took the number one spot.

YG Entertainment‘s musical mastermind, PSY, is undoubtedly one of the biggest K-pop names in the industry. He’s not only known for his humorous dance moves and high energy stages, but also for his global reach and viral success. Some of his super-catchy tunes like “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” opened up the world to the addictive effects of K-pop.

PSY became a worldwide phenomenon when he released his hit single, “Gangnam Style,” back in 2012. PSY became the first South Korean artist to chart at #1 on the iTunes Music Video ChartsThe track ended up becoming the first video in the history of YouTube to surpass 1 billion views. It was also the most viewed K-pop MV for 2012. PSY took both first and second place for both “Gangnam Style” and “Gangnam Style (HyunA Version).”

This high was quickly followed in 2013 when PSY released two more tracks which would carry on his international success, “Gentleman” and “Hangover.” By the end of 2013, “Gentleman” had again taken the number 1 position for “Most Viewed K-pop MV,” beating out Girls’ Generation and EXO.

“Hangover” was a collaboration with American hip-hop artist, Snoop Dogg released in 2013. Its success carried over into 2014, where PSY won for his third year in a row, which further cemented him into the pool of K-pop’s greatest artists.

In December 2015, PSYs 7th studio album was released and included the track “Daddy,” which included former 2NE1 leader and fellow labelmate, CL. The track has had steady success since it’s release and has accumulated 221 million views, with the majority of those views in 2016. PSY thanked fans on his Twitter account while posting the list of the “Top 10 Most Viewed K-pop MVs” for 2016.

The release of the Top 10 Most Viewed K-Pop MVs of 2016 is sure to leave PSY on a high note for the end of 2016 and going into his impending comeback.