Psy Does A Side-By-Side Comparison Of His Face Next To Song Joong Ki’s And Hates The Results

“Does this make sense? I’m a celebrity too!”

Psy is back with another hilarious moment and this time, it features the nation’s actor Song Joong Ki.

Psy | P Nation

It was previously reported that Song Joong Ki would be starring in Heize‘s upcoming music video for her comeback, which was released just a day ago. The singer came back with a heartbreaking, but funky track titled “HAPPEN” featuring the actor as the male protagonist in the music video.

Heize’s song “HAPPEN” featuring Song Joong Ki | P Nation

While the news of Song Joong Ki’s feature made headlines due to the actor’s massive surge in popularity after his most recent production Vincenzo, a behind-the-scenes video has been gaining attention due its hilarious content. The video, which takes place at the scene of Heize’s “HAPPEN” music video set, features Psy who could not help but marvel at Song Joong Ki and his small face size.

“Why is your face that small?” | YouTube

To Psy’s astonishment, Song Joong Ki humbly answers that it really isn’t all that small.

No it’s not. I just lost some weight during the filming for my drama.

— Song Joong Ki

Psy responds to Song Joong Ki’s answer in the most Psy-way possible. Instead of just accepting his response, he stands next to the actor to compare the two’s face sizes.

It’s not? It’s not?! Please take this shot. Does this make sense?

— Psy

Psy then talks about the fact that no, the size does not make sense at all! He refuses to accept it and adorably states that it doesn’t make sense to him, even though he is also a celebrity.

“I’m a celebrity too!” | YouTube

Song Joong Ki couldn’t help but laugh at Psy’s explosion over the differences in their face sizes.

Caption: “Hahahahaha”

You can watch the hilarious clip featuring Psy and Song Joong Ki’s small face down below!

Be sure to also check out the music video for Heize’s comeback song titled, “HAPPEN.”

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