This Is What PSY Had To Say About ATEEZ’s Hongjoong, According To Seonghwa

Legend recognizes legend.

ATEEZ set records with their performances in the competition show Immortal Songs. The group’s performance prowess is now legendary, with their wins on the show having gotten the attention of K-Pop icons such as Kim Jong Kook and PSY. In fact, PSY even gave them a standing ovation when they won with his song.

As it turns out, PSY’s admiration for ATEEZ went beyond what was caught on camera in Immortal Songs; more specifically, his admiration for one particular member. In a live stream in which they discussed their experience winning the PSY-themed episode of the show, Seonghwa revealed that after their winning performance, PSY himself went looking for Hongjoong. He congratulated all the members, but when he finally found Hongjoong he said, “You are truly something else.”

Seonghwa claimed that after PSY left, all the members got excited for Hongjoong, but Hongjoong, humble as ever, refused to take the compliment—saying instead that PSY said good things to the whole team.

ATINYs won’t be surprised that Hongjoong received such praise from PSY. After all, Hongjoong is not only a talented artist and performer, but a great producer as well. We got to see his hard work on Kingdom: Legendary War, and it was truly impressive. It gave fans a good chance to really see everything that Hongjoong does, as well as giving rise to this ‘genre of Hongjoong’ to love.

Hopefully there will be plenty more opportunities to see what Hongjoong is capable of. In the meantime, fans can be proud of everything that he and the rest of the ATEEZ members have achieved so far!