An Island In South Korea Turns Purple After “Borahaefication” And Invites BTS And ARMY To Visit

We’d love to visit!

The South Korean island off the coast of Shinan has officially turned purple. They sent out an official invitation through a broadcast to ARMYs and BTS.

Broadcast announcing the new purple island. | MBC

The island is populated with mostly elders and they were seeking a way to revive the community. To create a tourist attraction, the island underwent “Borahaefication” and turned purple!

A netizen uploaded photos of the island on the forum site theqoo. They had painted their entire coastal bridge a bright purple. Purple flowers were even planted near the beach.

Benches on the bridge read, “Boraehae the purple bridge.” As many ARMYs would know, Borahae has become synonymous with “I love you” thanks to BTS’s V, who coined the term.

They even made a huge purple moon to signify the island’s name. The island is called Banwol-do, which translates directly to “half-moon island.

At night, the purple bridge lights up to turn the entire sea purple.

The roofs of all the houses on the coast have been painted purple too. From far, it looks like the perfect Borahae fairytale village.

They even dedicated the bridge to BTS. On the bridge reads a plaque that explains how V coined the term and what it means.

The birdseye view of the village is amazing!

Tourists and ARMYs can visit the village for a day of touring and photo-taking.

Don’t forget to make a stop at the “I PURPLE YOU” lettering!

Don’t you want to visit the village now? Get to know more about the amazing Purple Island below.

Source: theqoo